Local Mentor?Training and Experience Course


历史简介 | Brief history


In 2014, local young adults began approaching Sunrise in the hopes of being involved in serving social welfare/concern projects. Starting in Spring 2015, Sunrise had five local mentors?(a figure that doubled later the same year) helping with our various projects. Sunrise foresees this course continuing to expand and providing ?high quality training adhering to international social work.

工作简介 | What we do


Sunrise provides opportunities for locals to support and encourage young people or children within our different activities, be that involved with?adult orphan care leavers, part of the orphanage or living within the social welfare institution. By involving mentors?and participants in the decision making process, Sunrise ensures shakeholder engagement. Sunrise mentors?are trained throughout the year in UNESCO’s basics of social work modules and are educated on the international social work standards ratified by China. They are also provided with ongoing support and guidance on safe guarding the individuals entrusted to their care. The course requires mentors?to connect with their participants on a weekly basis for a minimum of six months, ensuring consistency for all involved.

见证摘录 | Story

我没有告诉她我要去她现在工作的地方去看她,我到, 悄悄入住了她所工作的客栈。她来了,在客栈窗外看到我,非常吃惊。于是像之前每次在福利院一样,她立马冲进来,我们相拥在一起。她惊讶的问:“你怎么会在这里?”我说我专门来看她。当时她眼角里有泪水。时光过的很快,我们马上要分别了。我们再次拥抱,她转过头去,哭了。尽管那是快乐的泪水,但仍然很难说再见。但是我相信再见,是为了未来更好的相见!我祝福并期待这个女孩全新的生活。

辰星同伴导师 – 杨熙

I?didn‘t tell her that I was going to visit her.?I arrived and secretly decided to stay at her place of employment.

She was coming and saw me through the window, shocked. She ran fast as she used to do in the orphanage every time I saw her, and hugged me, tightly. She asked me “How come? Why you are here?” I told her that I was there to visit her. She smiled with tears.

Time flies by. After five hours talking, we had to say good-bye. We hugged each other and she cried. Even though this was a happy moment, still it is sometimes hard to say good-bye. But I know, deep in my heart, that we will see each other someday and she will have a better life for sure! I am really looking forward to see her new life and growth in the future!

Sunrise mentor?– Yang Xi



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